1) How to Get the Most Out of this Course

1. How to navigate course lessons.

At the bottom of each lesson is a "Mark Finished" button. Upon clicking, you will automatically advance to the next lesson.

For easier navigation, close tabs after following links in the lesson. To return to the main course page, use the back button at the top left of each lesson.

The one question quizzes are not recorded or graded but added to help reinforce your learning.

2. Identify your goal.

  • Improve my knowledge on this topic?
  • Learn a new skill?
  • Improve my job performance?
  • Get a new job or advance in my current role?
A study of 4000 online learners found that learners who complete a course with the intention of improving their job performance or getting a new role were more likely to experience career benefits than those who only want to learn something new about a topic. Keep your goal in mind!

3. Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify why it is important to clean both ends of fiber optic connectors.
  • Feel more confident in determining the best cleaning processes and tools for successful fiber optic cleaning.

4. Reference materials for future use.

  • Subscribe to the Sticklers YouTube channel and bookmark videos for later review.
  • Note that PDFs contained in this course are downloadable and printable for future reference.

5. Rewatch videos and retake quizzes.

The ability to learn and retain more information is boosted by reviewing course materials until you have mastered the concepts.

6. Finish the course and give feedback.

Your gain in knowledge or skill will be based on whether you complete the courses attempted. Your feedback in the survey presented at the end of the course is most helpful to our creators in providing lessons with the most value.

Happy Learning from MicroCare Academy!